Captain Joe Maisano and I met at the dock at 6 a.m. to finish up the the last minute chores before our clients for the day were due to meet us at 6:45. We were met with clear skies and light winds, ingredients for a very comfortable 40-50 mile boat ride to the fishing grounds. As light started to creep over the horizon, we finished loading the drinks and food into the coolers. We guided the Price family, our clients for the day, aboard. One last check was made to ensure that everything was stowed away securely, before leaving the dock. Making our way east towards the first stop of the day on the 32’ custom Donzi hull powered by twin Mercury 350 verados.

A short 45 minutes later, we were drifting over top of some live bottom. We dropped some sabaki, catching large live baits that were used to catch Amberjacks later in the day. After about 10 minutes of unhooking grunts, pinfish, and cigar minnows, I glance over the port bow and catch a glimpse of a 5 foot long striped torpedo swimming away from the boat. Sardines were quickly chopped and thrown into the water as chum. Within a few moments, we had a beautiful 55-60 pound class Wahoo eating chunks of sardines just feet away from our stern. Captain Joe wasted no time, grabbing our Kingfish rod with a Shimano Toruim 30 spooled with 20 lb monofilament and a Sardine on a stinger rig to pitch. The instant the Sardine hit the water, it was game on. The Wahoo inhaled the bait and decided to burn 150 yards of line. Craig Price reeled tight on the line. We chased the fish, slowly gaining and exhausting the Wahoo. We stayed hopeful that the light tackle didn’t part. 30 minutes into the fight, after four or five blistering runs the fish finally tired and we were able to secure a gaff into the Wahoo. Once in the boat, the catch was loaded into the fish box underneath a layer of ice.

The remainder of the trip was spent with the Price family cranking in numerous 30-50 pound Amberjacks until they were ready to call it quits. The conditions were perfect for a pleasant ride in. Captain Sam Maisano was waiting upon our return to the dock. After a few pictures of the days rewarding catches, Captain Joe and I filleted and bagged the Wahoo and Amberjack in bags ready for the Price family to enjoy.

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