Why do we exist? A simple question really, and one that deserves a simple answer - to provide the saltwater sportsman and outdoorsman the finest protection from the elements available on the planet. That was our goal from the inception of the SALINITY brand and remains so to this day. 

Based on the west coast of Florida, we at SALINITY are avid outdoorsman primarily fishing, surfing, and free diving. While our high performance gear is not limited to those activities, we were raised on the ocean and it is our life blood. The oceans can be a hostile environment and spending days on the water in the sun reeks havoc on your skin. We needed something to give us relief from hours and days of continuous exposure while not restricting our activities.

We started with the Florida Native series, and demand soon required us to evolve into a company offering to the public more and varied products providing functional protection from the environment while being style conscious as well. So whether you are a professional guide, competitive angler, commercial dog, or a weekend warrior, we will strive to offer you the finest quality products available that excel in the arena of the oceans and waterways. 

From Baja to Bimini, from Los Suenos to Gloucester, and from Boca Grande to the Turks and Caicos, please join us in our journey as we continue to explore what the world’s oceans offer as we promote conservation and sustainability of the oceanic and coastal ecosystems. 

SALINITY Gear, when only the best will do.



Sean Matthews